Beacon Field, British Open, Tigers Trade Deadline

This week on The Pact, Bradley Allen and Travis Stroh are joined over the phone by Scott Dane, local soccer coach and the man behind the idea of Beacon Field.

Before the interview, Allen rants about the Gold Cup, specifically Mexico’s win over Costa Rica, which he did not feel was fair.

      Part 1 - Gold Cup and Beacon FIeld

In the second segment, Bradley, Travis and producer Michael Higer recap the British Open, and debate on the legacy of Tiger Woods and future of Jordan Spieth.

      Part Two - The Open Championship and Tiger vs. Spieth

Later in the show, The Pact continues with more way-too-early football predictions. This week Travis, Bradley and Michael all predict Michigan State to beat Central Michigan on September 26.

      Part Three - MSU Football Way-To-Early Predictions

In the final segment, Michael Higer comes out of the bullpen (or the production studio) to discuss the state of the Detroit Tigers. With the trade deadline nearing, the panelists debate whether or not the Tigers should sell out for next season, or buy talent to win now.

      Part Four - Detroit Tigers, Buy or Sell?

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