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Athlete of the Month | Alison Knowles

Junior Alison Knowles is not only one of the most successful golfers on the MSU women’s golf team, but she is also one of two players on the team’s roster from a foreign country. She is from Mexborough, England, which is approximately 180 miles north of London.

Knowles decided to start her journey overseas at Michigan State to experience a crowded, American atmosphere. Her hard work paid off, as she dominated her first career start at the Regional Challenge dating back to February 9 of this year.

Impact Sports golf reporter, David Manion, met with Knowles to learn more about herself and her career as a Spartan.

What ultimately made you want to come to Michigan State?

[su_quote]“I went to ULM (University of Louisana-Monroe) for my first 2 years, then I transferred to MSU. I did this because I wanted to go to a bigger school with unlimited opportunities and we also have great programs.”[/su_quote]

Besides golf, which activities and hobbies do you enjoy?

[su_quote]“I played soccer for 12 years and I hung out with my friends a lot.”[/su_quote]

Was it a tough transition for you, leaving your home to come to the U.S.?

[su_quote]“Yes it was, it was kind of a shock to me. I’ve never been to America before and I was unprepared. It didn’t take me long to settle down, as everyone was so warm and friendly.”[/su_quote]

What are your top three favorite things about State?

[su_quote]“The campus for sure because it is very pretty, friends and family, and the food in Brody.”[/su_quote]

How would you evaluate your first career tournament appearance in the Regional Challenge?

[su_quote]“I think it was a good starting point. I was definitely nervous about it and there’s definitely room for improvement, but I personally did very well.”[/su_quote]

How would you compare your experiences here in the U.S. and in England?

[su_quote]“The opportunities that we get at MSU are fantastic. You can’t even compare MSU to a college in England in terms of opportunities, activities and events.”[/su_quote]

Who do you dislike more… Michigan or Ohio State?

[su_quote]“I dislike Michigan a lot more because it annoys me to see people on campus wearing Michigan gear.”[/su_quote]

Who is your favorite golfer?

[su_quote]“Annika Sorenstam is my favorite by far because she’s always the best at everything. She has a bunch of dedication toward the game, and she makes me want to be a better golfer.”[/su_quote]

You’re on a deserted island with unknown coordinates and no cellular and satellite signals… if you could have only one thing, what would it be?

[su_quote]“I would bring my golf clubs and my brother, and my last thing would be my favorite hoodie. I’m not trying to get off this island. I’m on a beautiful Caribbean island so why would I want to get off of it?”[/su_quote]

Photo: Michigan State University Athletics

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