The Pact | Is the Big Ten the Best Athletic Conference Across the Board this Year?

To start off The Pact, the panel paid tribute to the military for all the service they have done for the United States and  gave their top five military athletes of all-time.

      Pact 5:25:15 Part 1


The NCAA is that friend we love and hate. What sports rules need to be changed in the NCAA and is the graduate transfer rule really something that the NCAA needs to worry about? The panel makes their case for what rules need to be changed and why.

      Pact 5:25:15 Part 2


Mike Babcock is gone and headed to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Did Babcock really do much at the helm for the Red Wings and who’s up next to coach Detroit?

      Pact 5:25:15 Part 3


The Big Ten has won seven collegiate national championships in the 2014-15 athletic year, which is the most so far. A few spring sport national champions still need to be crowned, but with that aside, is the Big Ten the best overall athletic conference in the 2014-15 athletic year?

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