Here They Are, ‘Hockey City Classic’ Sweaters Revealed

In front of a packed house at Munn last night, the Spartans unveiled their sweater for the Coyote Hockey City Classic against Michigan at Soldier Field.

“They’re sick,” head coach Tom Anastos said after Friday night’s game. “I think they’re sweet. I like them. It was really a play off of what football and then basketball did with that pro combat look. We’ve been putting that in the hopper for some time.”

The look swaps out white on the helmet, numbers and shoulder stripe and inserts bronze a-la the recent combat uniforms used by the aforementioned teams.

“I love the bronze, the touch of bronze, the touch of black and I know the players really like it,” Anastos said. “I like the ‘Spartans’ on the back of the jersey rather than individual names.”

The jerseys worn by the basketball and football teaCms also used “Spartans” on the back of every jersey.

A lot of teams, Michigan included, decide to go with a vintage-style sweater for outdoor games, but not the Spartans.

“Most teams, and we did the same, we used a throwback uniform last year honoring the 1966 team,” Anastos said. “I thought it would be more appropriate to do something more futuristic in this one, but it’s sick.”

The Spartans take the field against Michigan on Feb. 7.

Brian Bobal is the co-host of Behind the Mask for Impact Sports

Photo: Brian Bobal/Impact Sports