Women’s Hockey Preview: Davenport

This weekend, the Michigan State women’s D1 club hockey team will take on the Davenport Panthers in a home-and-home series this Friday and Saturday at 8:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m.

Head coach Jeff Wilson expects this series to be a tough test, as the Panthers are riding an emotional high after several key wins.

“They’ve had several wins in a row, so they’re really on top of the world at Davenport. So they are expecting big things against us,” Wilson said.

Michigan State is currently 12th in the ACHA D1 women’s standings, with Davenport directly in front at 11

MSU captain Shelby Myers says that while Davenport has struggled in the past, they have become a respectable opponent.

“This year they have improved like 200 percent, so this is really important to step up against them,” Myers said.

The Spartans currently sit at 5-0-2 on the season. The Davenport series will be the last series of 2014 for MSU.

Jason Ruff is the host of Behind the Mask for Impact Sports.

Photo: David Defever/Impact Sports