Corner Kick – 11/13/14 – Big Ten Men’s Soccer Tournament Semifinals

The Big Ten Tournament quarterfinals are long gone and the semifinals are now about to kick off on Nov. 14 with the No. 2 seed Ohio State Buckeyes going up against the No. 6 seed Indiana Hoosiers at 1 p.m. Later that day, the No. 1 seed Maryland Terrapins go up against No. 5 seed Michigan State Spartans at 3:40 p.m. on Big Ten Network.

Brooks Laimbeer, host of Corner Kick, and Travis Clark, reporter for, discuss the two semifinal matchups.

It is anyone’s championship to have, but the hosting team and Big Ten Regular season champs, Maryland, are the favorite to win the Big Ten Tournament.

Brooks Laimbeer is the host of Corner Kick for Impact Sports

Photo: Jonathan Yales/Impact Sports