Athlete of the Week – Ben Miller

This week’s Athlete of the Week is Ben Miller, a fifth-year senior for Michigan State cross country.

Miller graduated in Spring 2014 and is currently working on his MBA at MSU while consistently ranking in the team’s top five. He is the school record holder in the 1,000 meters with a time of 2:23.89.


What is your favorite Gatorade flavor?

“Any of the frost flavors.”

What is your pre-race ritual?

“I always say a quick prayer before the gun goes off.”

What is your favorite cross county memory?

“My very first travel experience as a freshman and having the opportunity of putting on the Michigan State jersey for the first time knowing that I was out there representing the university.”

What is your favorite track and field memory?

“My favorite track and field memory came from Indoor Big Ten Championships two years ago during the hammer throw, when two of my teammates were competing against one another for first and second place. It had to be one of the best back and forth competitions I have ever witnessed. On a personal level for me, it would be breaking the school record in the 1,000 meter run.”

It is 2 a.m. on a weekend and you are just getting home, what food are you ordering?

“After strolling in at a casual 2 a.m. I am definitely calling Buffalo Wild Wings to place an order and then checking my freezer for some ice cream.”

What do you want to do when you grow up?

“I graduated with a degree in kinesiology and currently working towards an MBA. I would eventually like to work for a large corporation and start up my own company one day.”

If you had to play another sport at MSU, what would it be?

“I would have to say golf. It is extremely challenging and similarly to running there is no one you can blame but yourself.”

What is the most embarrassing that has ever happened to you?

“One of my most embarrassing memories comes from taking ACC 201. I showed up late for class one day, and it being a huge lecture hall where clicker questions are a must, the seat selection was scarce. So I found an open seat right in the middle of the lecture hall and had to say excuse me to everyone as I knocked into their stuff. As I took my seat I pulled out my laptop. When I opened it “Barbie Girl” started playing full blast, thanks to my teammates for setting me up. Freaking out I tried to kill the sound, but that didn’t work and then I tried to close my laptop hoping that would kill the sound, and once again it didn’t work. At this point the professor stopped his lecture and everyone was staring at me. Getting really red in the face I panicked and threw my laptop in my backpack and took the absence for the day.”

Favorite class you have taken at MSU?

“One of my many favorite courses that I have taken at MSU has to be ISS 328. I highly recommend this class if you enjoy sports because it is interesting and the professors have a great sense of humor.”

What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not running?

“I really enjoy hanging out and relaxing with my family, teammates and friends. I like to be outside doing anything that comes with the season of the year.”


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Alexa McCarthy is the host of Last Leg for MSU Impact Sports