Athlete of the Week: Jenni Smith

For this week’s Athlete of the Week installment, Impact Sports sat down with senior field hockey back Jenni Smith. Smith is a native of Kinross, Scotland.

Smith has started in all 13 games this season, earning one goal and four assists.


What is your favorite color?

“Green. It has to be.”

What is your favorite field hockey memory?

“Winning the Big Ten Tournament at Ohio State and celebrating after on the field. People were crying and lying on the floor. I just remember everyone like passed out.”

What is your favorite movie genre?

“Probably comedy, but I like to watch a few scary movies. But I’m really a wimp so as long as someone is there I’m fine.”

What is your favorite movie?

“I could say ‘The Notebook,’ but then I could say ‘300’ and be all Spartan. I do love ‘Titanic.’ ‘Titanic’ or ‘The Notebook,’ just to sit with a cup of tea and watch it.”

What is your favorite food?

“Mac ‘n cheese.”

Do you put extra cheese on it?

“I put cheese on everything. So mac ‘n cheese with extra cheese and a little bit more extra.”

If it’s late at night and you’re hungry, what are you going to get?

“I’m addicted to Philly cheesesteaks. It’s either mac ‘n cheese or Philly cheesesteaks.”

What is your favorite thing to drink?

“Probably Gatorade or water.”

What is your favorite Gatorade flavor?

“Probably the light blue one. I have that at my apartment all the time. I don’t know what flavor it is, it’s just light blue.”

What is your most embarrassing field hockey moment?

“When I went to throw an aerial and I completely missed the ball and just stood there. The girl was already ten meters past me with the ball.”


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Brian Bobal is a multimedia journalist for Impact Sports

Photo: Michigan State Field Hockey/Rey Del Rio