Tiger Talk #13 — That’s All She Wrote

The Detroit Tigers’ season end came to an all too sudden end on Sunday when the Baltimore Orioles completed the 3-0 sweep in Comerica Park.

Host Tony Garcia is joined as usual by co-host Richie Cozzolino as the two do their best to keep each other’s spirits up. Garcia is beside himself about the many coaching blunders, while Cozzolino can’t control himself while talking again about a bullpen implosion that cost the Tigers their season.

It is the show that everyone hopes will never come, yet sadly for all but one team it does. As the boys give their final thoughts on the 2014 season for the Detroit Tigers, the promise of 2015 lives on.

Scherzer? Martinez? Little Martinez? That is a talk for another time.

This is time for reflection. For appreciation. But yes, with disappointment.

Tony Garcia is the host and Richie Cozzolino is the co-host of Tiger Talk for Impact Sports.