Octopi Hockeytown – #11 – 7/9/14

A week of free agency has passed and Austin Goodman, host of Octopi Hockeytown, has a lot to say about the rejection that the Red Wings organization faced on the first day of free agency.

Through the first 10 minutes of the show, Austin talks about the first week of free agency, why the Wings were shunned and where their potentials ended up.

After that, Octopi will evaluate the Red Wings’ options going into the depths of the summer, as the season is approaching and development camp is under way. Will the Wings go after someone right now or use youth to carry themselves through the season?

From 17 minutes through the end of the show, Austin instills some ease in the listeners, as argues that fans should be optimistic about this upcoming season. A flock of youngsters came up and started developing in the NHL last season and that is not the Wings’ only wave of youngsters. Injuries were the demise of the Red Wings 2013-2014 campaign and Austin gives his reasoning in to why 2014-2015 can be much different, even with a weak offseason.

Austin Goodman is the host of Octopi Hockeytown at Impact Sports.