Way-Too-Early Predictions: Eastern Michigan (Sept. 20) and Wyoming (Sept. 27)

The Spartans face off against Eastern Michigan after a bye week and will then take on Wyoming during homecoming week. These games will wrap up the non-conference season for MSU, as Mark Dantonio hopes to earn two victories while the team builds up momentum heading into the Big Ten season.

The Competition

These two teams combined for only 7seven wins in 2013 (two for EMU, five for Wyoming), so Michigan State will come in heavily favored in both games. Wyoming poses much more of a threat than Eastern Michigan offensively, averaging 31 points per game, 46 points in games they won.

Both teams tend to struggle on the road. Eastern Michigan has not won a game outside of Ypsilanti, Mich. since November 2012 wherewhen they beat Western Michigan.

What the Spartans Need

To show up. That is pretty much it.


Both of these games will be cupcakes for the Spartans, but unlike their first game against Jacksonville State, there won’twill not be a whole year of anticipation leading up to the game, and MSU will have had over two months of practicing together, and multiple games under their belt.

Quarterback Connor Cook and the Spartan offense will not need to accomplish much in these games to secure victories. MSU’s defense won’twill not have much trouble shutting down the offenses of EMU and Wyoming.


Spartan Redzone: Bradley: 60-0 MSU | Dan: 42-6 MSU
The Pact: Fino: 45-7 MSU | Faith: ? | Austin: 41-10 MSU | Yales: 27-14 MSU
Lions Den: Michael: 41-3 MSU Louis: 27-6 MSU


Spartan Redzone: Bradley: 41-13 MSU | Dan: 52-13 MSU
The Pact: Fino: 35-10 MSU | Faith: ? | Austin: 34-13 MSU | Yales: 30-17 MSU
Lions Den: Michael: 37-13 MSU | Louis: 24-10 MSU

Bradley Allen is a multimedia journalist for Impact Sports.

Photo: David Defever/Impact Sports