Rule Changes Possibly Coming for 2014-15 Season

Change is in the air this summer as the NCAA Hockey Rules Committee (headed by Michigan State head coach Tom Anastos) recently proposed several rule changes to the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel last Friday.

There were a total of nine rule changes approved by the committee. The changes that could have the most significant impact on the game include new rules for faceoff procedure, (who puts their stick down first, faceoff location in the offensive zone, etc.) expanding the use of video replay, and new shootout regulations.

One of the new rules for shootouts allows the shooter to shoot again if the goalie knocks the net off. Anastos could have potentially brought up this concern in response to this moment (2:29 of the video).

The proposed change that was the biggest splash however, was the proposed Look-Up Line that will give players a visual warning a few feet before they hit the boards thus improving player safety. While teams will not be required to have this line installed, they would be allowed to have one.

Missing from the proposal to the Oversight Panel was the recommendation that players adopt 3/4 visors instead of facemasks. Anastos indicated that while the option is still on the table, more information needs to be compiled before making a proposal to the NCAA.

The Rules Oversight Panel will discuss the proposed rule changes when it next meets on July 16.

Jason Ruff is a multimedia reporter for Impact Sports.

Photo: Jonathan Yales/Impact Sports