Octopi Hockeytown – #9 – 4/29/14

The playoffs have come and gone quickly for the Red Wings this season, as they took an early five game loss to the Boston Bruins to close out a roller coaster season.

Game One fell in favor of the Red Wings with a beautiful goal scored by veteran Pavel Datsyuk with three minutes left in the third period – giving a victory to the Wings at TD Garden to lead off the series.

Game Two, Three, Four and Five all fell in favor of the Bruins through a lack of execution from the youthful Red Wings and an increased level of brutality and goal scoring (with a solid backing force in Rask) to finish off the Red Wings. Detroit had only six total goals in the series.

On this edition of Octopi, Austin will talk about the series and the ups and downs for both teams. Then, the show will take a little detour and Austin will give NHL fans an update of what is going on around the league.

After, Octopi will bring it back with what the Bruins have in store for them in the second round, facing the Montreal Canadiens.

To wrap it up, Austin will talk about the Red Wings’ future looking into the postseason. Who is on the trading block? Who is going to get the axe? Who should the Red Wings be looking towards to fill holes in the off-season?

All of this and more on episode nine of Octopi Hockeytown.

Austin Goodman is the host of Octopi Hockeytown at Impact Sports.