Secret Conversation with Kostadinos Vergos

Secret Society is back with yet another secret conversation, this time with sophomore club dodgeball player, Kostadinos Vergos. We had the chance to ask him about his role on the team, the movie Dodgeball and some expectations for next year.

What is your role on the team?

“There is not a specific role that I have. Everyone just excels in their respectable skills. I am more of an agile player and quick on my feet so I am able to get balls. I also tend to go towards the close range kill shots.”

What made you join the team?

“I always wanted to play last year but never got the chance to go try out. Dodgeball has been one of my favorite things to do even as a kid growing up in gym class. It has always been something I enjoy.”

Have you seen the movie Dodgeball?  If so, who is the character that fits you best?

“Peter.The reason why is because at times on the court I seem out of it and not into the game, but I am always willing to win and compete and give it my all. I just don’t show it sometimes.”

Favorite memory from the season?

“Against the University of Wisconsin club dodgeball team, I caught the game-changing ball that kept us alive in the game.”

What are your expectations for next year?

“I expect us to do very well next year, easily final four for sure. We are only losing a few upperclassmen, so majority of our team is returning as juniors and sophomores. So I am expecting a lot more from us.”

Romero Hardy is the multimedia journalist for Impact Sports.

Photo: Jonathan Yales/Impact Sports