Tiger Talk – #4 – 4/10/14

The 2014 season is in full swing and the lads already have critiques for the team. Your host Richie Cozzolino, panelist Zac Swierad and production wiz Jonathan Yales dissect the team after the infant stages of the season.

Detroit is no stranger to an ailing bullpen. Did you think after three years of failing relief pitching that the Tigers would still have this issue? These guys certainly did not. The discussion opens up with a lengthy, disappointing talk about Joe Nathan and his lack of closing for the Tigers. The guys search for options in the bullpen for Detroit, and who, if anyone, can step up for a team falling apart horrendously at the end of games.

The conversation gets a bit lighter, especially when mentioning the bright spot in Detroit: Miguel Cabrera. He gets compared to an all-time great, and the numbers may be closer than you think.

As always, Mr. Swierad compares his AL Central team, the Chicago White Sox, to the Tigers and calls the 2014 Tigers a “team of destiny.”

Are his comments too ambitious too soon? Do the Tigers even deserve the title after their mediocre play so early in the season? Find out that and more on the regular season debut of Tiger Talk!

Richie Cozzolino is the host of Tiger Talk for Impact Sports.

Zac Swierad and Jonathan Yales are multimedia journalists for Impact Sports.