Tiger Talk – #3 – 3/24/14

We are full of opinions, digressions and predictions on this episode of Tiger Talk.

Your charming host, Richie Cozzolino, along with panelists Zac Swierad and Brett Kast and producer Jonathan Yales, discuss the future for Detroit at the shortstop position. Should the Tigers have traded Jose Alvarez for a brand-spanking new Andrew Romine at short with Jose Iglesias out for nearly the whole year?

The guys also try to dissect the all-important question: what is more important for this team – pitching or fielding?

In the same vein, Tiger Talk bids adieu to Bruce Rondon for the entire 2014 season after hearing the news the pitcher will be out with Tommy John surgery. Do the boys think Detroit can bounce back from all these injuries in an already thinned-out bullpen?

Finally, captain Cozz tests the lads’ knowledge in a friendly little Detroit Tigers trivia game, scanning from the Kaline era to the Leyland dynasty.

How many did they get right? How many did they get wrong? Does any of it matter? Check it all out and more on this week’s preseason finale of Tiger Talk!

Richie Cozzolino is the host of Tiger Talk for Impact Sports.

Jonathan Yales, Zac Swierad and Brett Kast are multimedia journalists for Impact Sports.