Tiger Talk – #2 – 3/2/14

Tiger Talk is back!

The roundtable unites for a special AL Central argument between Richie Cozzolino, Zac Swierad and Jonathan Yales.

On the dossier for today, the group tries to understand Zac’s affinity to his home team Chicago White Sox and his goals for the team in 2014. They also look back on the Tigers-White Sox rivalry.

Later on, they circle the MLB for some hot stories on spring training, baseball’s new collisions at the plate rule, and the ongoing steroid pandemic around the league.

Does Richie believe his fresh Ausmus-led team can get back to a World Series after such an overhaul? Does Zac have faith in his washed-up White Sox? Does Yales pick a side? Find out in this week’s edition of Tiger Talk!

Richie Cozzolino is host of Tiger Talk for Impact Sports.

Zac Swierad and Jonathan Yales are multimedia journalists for Impact Sports.