Corner Kick – 2/19/14 – Changing the Rules: A Conversation About Modifying College Soccer

The game of college soccer has given the U.S. Soccer Federation and Major League Soccer talented players, but with the creation of the U.S. Soccer Development Academy in 2007, college soccer needs to be tweaked.

Some of the changes relate to the rules in college soccer, particularly the substitution rule. Another issue is when the regular season and National Championship game is played.

Northwestern men’s head soccer coach, Tim Lenahan, Michigan State men’s head soccer coach, Damon Rensing, and editor and reporter at Top Drawer Soccer, Travis Clark, discuss these issues.

Redshirt freshman defender Jerome Cristobal also gives his take on the substitution rule.

Full Jerome Cristobal interview:

Jonathan Yales and Brooks Laimbeer are the hosts of Corner Kick for Impact Sports.

Photo: Jonathan Yales/Impact Sports