Were Sherman’s Actions Worthy of a Fine?

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick took a chance to have the 49ers rise above the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC Championship. After overcoming a 10-point deficit, Seattle attempted to hold off the 49ers until the last few minutes of the game. The 49ers made a drive for a winning touchdown until Kaepernick’s final pass.

Kaepernick’s pass was intended for Michael Crabtree, but Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman had other plans. Sherman’s deflection of the pass into a teammate’s hands, ultimately led them to their 23-17 win over San Francisco.

Following the Seattle interception, most of the crowd saw the postgame interview in which Sherman loudly called Crabtree out, but what the cameras saw was more serious.

Sherman has just been recently fined $7,875 for “taunting and unsportsmanlike conduct,” but is that really necessary?

I think a lot of people are confused on why Sherman is getting fined. It was not what was said to the camera, it was what his actions conveyed following the interception.

Watching the postgame interview with Sherman and sideline reporter Erin Andrews, Sherman was very vocal on how he felt about Crabtree. There was controversy with how he reacted after the game. Although there was a lot of negative talk after his interview, what was said was not, “fine worthy.” The talk between players seems to be a part of the game. He was excited about the play he made that just landed himself a bid into the Super Bowl.

Viewers are now calling him a “thug” because of his so-called classless actions. However, what some people may not be aware of is that Sherman is getting his master’s degree from Stanford University with a 3.7 GPA. The title of being a “thug” and receiving a 3.7 GPA seems a bit contradictory.

While most people only saw the interview, some did not see the gestures he made towards the San Francisco sideline after the play was finished.

He made an effort to single out Kaepernick as he pretended to choke himself and the NFL viewed that as the unsportsmanlike action.

This is where the problem lies. The bickering between players is part of the game, but the choking action was unacceptable.

It is important to play with good sportsmanship and to act with class. Maybe his excitement was a bit much after the game, but the threat underneath the choking gesture was where $7,875 will end up coming from.

My belief is to let your success speak for itself.

He ended the play, which ultimately sealed the Seahawks’ victory and I wished he had left it at that. He took it a step further though and that extra step is what cost him.

Faith Krogulecki is a Pact panelist for Impact Sports.

Photo: Austin Pabian/Impact Sports