Walk the Line – 12/28/13 – 2014 Rose Bowl and NFL Wk. 17 picks

With the 2014 Rose Bowl less than one week away, the Michigan State Spartans are in California gearing up to face the Stanford Cardinal, who now sit as 6.5-point favorites because of, let’s just say…circumstances.

As has been pointed out in the past, these Spartans make plays, not excuses, so it will be quite an interesting afternoon on Wednesday.

Say goodbye to 2013 with Walk the Line as Dan Krier & Ryan Smith bring you their thoughts on the Rose Bowl as well as NFL Week 17 (the final Sunday of the regular season). If you’d like to reach Dan or Ryan in the next few days, hit us up and we’ll meet you somewhere cool in LA.


WALK THE LINE with Dan Krier & Ryan Smith

NCAA Football Bowls

Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl (December 28, 2013; 10:15pm EST; ESPN)

Michigan vs. Kansas State -7

o/u 54

DK pick – 35-20 KSU

DK Comment: No Gardner at QB for Michigan means a sad sack ending for a forgettable season. Maybe they’ll get some BW gift certificates as a parting gift.

RS pick – 31-20 KSU

RS Comment: Michigan struggled enough offensively this year WITH their starting quarterback. With Gardner out, expect Michigan to struggle finding the end zone. Kansas State played tough in losses to Baylor, Oklahoma State and Oklahoma and performed a little more consistently than the Wolverines this season.


Rose Bowl (January 1, 2014; 5:00pm EST; ESPN)

Stanford -6.5 vs. Michigan St.

o/u 42.5

DK pick – 20-17 MSU         

DK Comment: The Spartans will find a way. That’s all I’m saying.

RS pick – 23-17 MSU

RS Comment: Fans are about to find out if MSU can win at its own game in the 100th Rose Bowl. This with be a tough-nosed physical match-up so I like the under as much as I do spending New Year’s in Pasadena.


December 29, 2013 – NFL Week 17

1) Green Bay -3 @ Chicago (4pm)

o/u 52.5

DK pick – 31-24 GB

DK Comment: Packers season suddenly relevant (thanks to Discount Double Check Rogers) as the Bears wonder why anyone ever felt Jay Cutler was worth these continual letdowns. People criticize Cutler’s sad sack body language during games, and rightly so. Who wants to go to battle for a grown man who carries himself like a whiny spoiled brat?

RS pick – 27-23 Chicago

RS Comment: I am shocked that the Packers are favorites on the road for this one, no matter how bad the Bears looked last weekend. Rogers is back, but who knows what he can bring to the table after being out for several weeks. With injuries down the line on the Packers’ roster, I like the Bears to win at home, especially if the Pack are without Lacy.


2) Philadelphia -7 @ Dallas (8pm)

o/u 52.5

DK pick – 38-16 Philadelphia

DK Comment: McCoy runs all over Dallas, who should feel lucky to even have a chance to play in a division title game after this season’s face-plants. The stars of the Cowboys and Bears can take their money and tell themselves they’re good while watching the NFL’s legit teams square off for Super Bowl XLVIII

RS pick – 34-17 Philadelphia

RS Comment: Philly all the way in this one. This is a team that is rolling down the stretch other than one hiccup in Minnesota. Last I checked this game still takes place in December, so most likely the Cowboys will forget to show up, even if they no longer have Romo throwing the ball to the wrong-colored jerseys.


3) Baltimore @ Cincinnati -6.5 (1pm)

o/u 44

DK pick – 24-17 Cincinnati

DK Comment: Bengals playing for a play-off bye is enough to prevent the Ravens from defending their Super Bowl XLVII Championship. Baltimore just didn’t have it this season. Too many missed opportunities.

RS pick – 21-17 Baltimore

RS Comment: Week 17 in the NFL comes down to who has something to play for. Vying for a playoff spot, Baltimore can steal one on the road from Division champ Cincinnati (if Miami slips as well).


4) NY Jets @ Miami -6 (1pm)

o/u 41.5

DK pick – 27-17 Miami

DK Comment: Dolphins earn the last AFC Playoff spot by winning this one in conjunction with Baltimore’s loss (or via a San Diego victory too for a backup plan). You couldn’t pay me $1000 to watch this game. Just kidding, but it’d have to be at least $100.

RS pick – 20-17 Miami

RS Comment: Miami getting shut out in Buffalo doesn’t bode well heading into this week, but I mean come on, it’s the Jets! In a must win game for the Fins at home, Miami will take care of business and also manage to not cover the six points.


5) Kansas City @ San Diego -9.5 (4pm)

o/u 45

DK pick – 38-20 SD

DK Comment: KC phones this one in with nothing to play for. San Diego finishes a commendable season that added up to absolutely nothing.

RS pick – 27-23 KC

RS Comment: I understand that KC has nothing to play for, but man is 9.5 a lot to give an 11-4 team. I’ll take the Chiefs as dogs and even go so far as to say they will spoil the Chargers playoff hopes.


6) Cleveland @ Pittsburgh -7 (1pm)

o/u 44

DK pick – 24-19 Pittsburgh

DK Comment: Steelers finish 8-8 in a game that will be frigid, muddy, and meaningless thanks to Miami’s victory over the Jets. Mike Tomlin and Ben Roethlisberger have lost whatever magic Bill Cower plugged into Pittsburgh. Yinz happy yinz lost to Oakland again this year?

RS pick – 0-0 tie

RS Comment: Who cares?!


7) Buffalo @ New England -9 (1pm)

o/u 47

DK pick – 31-23 New England

DK Comment: You’d probably have to shoot me and tie me up to make me watch this. Buffalo had a good season all things considered, so they will reward fans with a loss in which they cover the spread.

RS pick – Game cancelled due to no one caring.

RS Comment: Zzzzzzzzzzzzz!


8) Denver -12.5 @ Oakland (4pm)

o/u 53.5

DK pick – 45-27 Denver

DK Comment: Peyton Manning tosses in a few first half TD’s and sits out the second half as Denver sets its sights on not botching a second-consecutive playoff run. Oakland Raiders were again a cringe-worthy contributor to what people consider professional football in the year 2013.

RS pick – 34-21 Denver

RS Comment: Celebrity pick here by Sydney DeLosh: “I like the Broncos simply because of Eric Decker’s face. Ryan on the other hand likes Denver to cover the 12.5 because Matt McGloin doesn’t strike him as someone who can lead the 4-11 Raiders to a close game, even if Denver plays half the game.”

Dan Krier & Ryan Smith are hosts for Impact Sports.