Red Wings Fly by Philadelphia

With a complete 180 degree spin-around from Thursday’s loss to Phoenix, the Red Wings came out on top in their matchup with the Philadelphia Flyers on Saturday. The Red Wings won the contest with style – putting up five goals for the first time all season.The Red Wings had eight goals in their first four games of the season. With major goals from the Wings’ top line, the team looked good.

Todd Bertuzzi set the tone against the Flyers this Saturday by using the new nets to his advantage, and sliding one off of the Flyers’ goaltender from a wrap around try that found its way to the back of the net. The NHL has revamped the style of “regulation nets” this season by rounding-off the bottom corners – making wrap around goals less excessive and more of a common occurrence.

While Bertuzzi was setting an example for the younger members of the team, Daniel Alfredsson and Niklas Kronwall), both had multiple point games. The older members of the team were pushing around the puck, getting shots on net and really throwing everything they had at the Flyers.

While the Red Wings are starting to generate a little bit of magic on the power play, they still have a long way to go. Going into Saturday’s game against the Flyers, the Red Wings were 0-10 on the Power Play. While the power play is developing, the Wings also need to start pushing the subject of penalty taking. As the Wings continue their season, they are going to start to realize that you can’t throw your stick around or make rash decisions on the ice. As a team, the Wings need to stop taking so many penalties.

All in all, they had a good outing from their veterans, and also had a great showing of development in their powerplay.

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Information from the Detroit Red Wings was used in this report.

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Scoring Summary:

1st Period:

DET 7:13 – T. Bertuzzi from D. Alfredsson and N. Kronwall

2nd Period:

DET 11:06 – PPG N. Kronwall from D. Alfredsson and D. Zetterberg

PHI 11:42 – E. Gustafsson from B. Schenn and W. Simmonds

3rd Period:

DET 3:08 – PPG P. Datsyuk from N. Kronwall and D. Alfredsson

PHI 5:46 – T. McGinn from C. Giroux and J. Vorchack

DET 13:48 – H. Zetterberg from P. Datsyuk and K. Quincey

DET 19:07 – EN H. Zetterberg from P. Datsyuk and D. Cleary


Three Stars:

1.     Kronwall – 1G, 1A

2.     Howard (32SV)

3.     Alfredsson (3A)