Alumni Meet a Tradition for Swim and Dive Program

The 58th annual alumni meet had a large showing on October 12 at McCaffree Pool, as former swimmers and divers reunited to compete against the current varsity roster.

Seven decades of swimmers represented the alumni – from the class of 1957 (the last to win a Big Ten title), to 2013 graduates.

Head Coach Matt Gianiodis looks forward to this meet every year; it means a lot to him for people to come back and support the program.

“It means everything,” said Gianiodis. “Number one I think it displays how much of a family this program is, number two, I think it displays how much people really enjoyed their time here at Michigan State, and number three it provides a connection which is what (Mark) Hollis wants all the time.”

As Gianiodis enters his 17th season as a coach at Michigan State, he said he has had an impact on many of the alumni attending the meet.

“At this point we have 16 classes that I was directly involved in, and so a lot of those kids who graduated are not kids anymore,” he said. “They are gainfully employed, they are married, they have kids, so it is fun for me to see them.”

One of the alumni who attended the meet was Richard Mull – a 1968 graduate and former assistant coach for the Spartans.

“Having coached here and seeing all the people that I have coached as well as the past alums, it’s an incredible experience,” said Mull, who has attended every alumni meet except one.

“I think I am the oldest one here,” he said.

The meet is the second-longest consecutive event on campus during homecoming, the first being the football game.



Max King is the host of Pool Time for Impact Sports

Photo: Max King