The Pact – #1 – 10/14/13

The inaugural show brings Spartan debate to the FM dial, as host Anthony “Fino” Serafino and panelists Austin Goodman, Harry Jadun, Faith Krogulecki and Lou Divizio argue on the future of former Michigan State offensive coordinator Don Treadwell. Should he come back to East Lansing?

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson’s two-year-old son passes away, should he have played Sunday? Are you surprised he played?

And there’s more.

The Detroit Tigers lost a heartbreaking game to the Boston Red Sox, in Game 2. Who is to blame for the loss? Is it Jim Leyland’s fault?

Plus, do you like showboating in sports? Is it too tacky?

The Pact breaks it all down.

Next week’s guest will be Matt Wyman, University of Kansas kicker with a Michigan connection.

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