A Dark Return to Form | “Numb Numb Juice” – Schoolboy Q


Neelan Bosnic

Schoolboy Q is one of the biggest names on the Top Dawg Entertainment roster. He resides next to artists like Kendrick Lamar and SZA. With this dong, Schoolboy Q has come out of a relatively quiet period in his career to drop one of the hardest tracks you’ll hear all month. Clocking in at a short 1 minute and 54 seconds, it wastes no time. As the lead single from his upcoming album (which at this point, is yet to be named) this song serves as an aggressive return to the rap game. The slang term “numb numb juice” refers to alcohol and was first coined by Bay Area rapper E-40. Coming in with hard flow switches, we can see that Q is more than eager to jump back into the rap game.