The Dream Chaser Narrative | “One Magic Moment” – Bad Suns


Amandha Silva, Volunteer

Imagine you’re someone who dreams big. In your journey toward success, you persist through obstacles and difficulties. At some point you get used to the problems, you even appreciate them. Looking in the mirror, you wonder why you aren’t surprised by those problems any more. Deep down you know it’s because you came to expect them. You want to be saved, but vanity makes you be the savior.

That’s the story behind new Bad Suns’ single “One Magic Moment.” It is vague enough to be relatable, yet deep and specific at times. Combining heavy lyrics with up-tempo melodies is a trend used by most indie rock bands, including Bad Suns. The piano keys indulge listeners to focus on the dream chaser narrative, while the drums enhance the beat. The addition of guitar makes for an angsty rock song. After all, guitars may be the reason indie is rock.

Bad Suns have released two albums since they formed in 2012. “One Magic Moment” is off of their upcoming album titled “Mystic Truth.” The single is one of lead guitarist Ray Libby’s personal favorites. “I hope you like it too,” he tweeted. The complete album will be released on March 22 and the “Mystic Truth Tour” is set to hit 28 cities, starting April 3 in San Diego, CA.