Playlist | Stumbling Through St. Patty’s Day


Kayla Effner

This St. Patrick’s Day, like all the ones before it, MSU students will celebrate the right way. By getting violently intoxicated as soon as the sun rises, that is. The beautiful tradition of “dartying” is one you won’t want to miss out on as a college student. Sure they are popular during welcome week, football season, spring welcome, if the temperature reaches past 50 degrees…Okay, they happen a lot. Spring break only ended a week ago but that shouldn’t stop you from plastering on your greenest outfit and getting plastered.

If you have ever participated in St. Patrick’s day festivities in East Lansing, you are probably familiar with the chronology of this playlist. You start your morning early, crash for an afternoon nap, and rally to go out on the town again at night. For every step of this process, we included a song to match.


Photo by Dean Putney