Pity Party | 2.27.19

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Pity Party | 2.27.19

Sarah Dropsey

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8 Ball – Waxahatchee

Strange Days – Greet Death

Harvest Spoon – Free Kitten

Cat Fantastic – TTNG

The Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill – Husker Du

Big Hat – Everyone Everywhere

Touch Me I’m Sick – Mudhoney

The Bite and Sting – Defeater

Generator – Turnstile

Relentless Healing – Big Bite

Me and My Lovers – All Get Out

Free at Last – PUP

Turnpike Gates – Lifetime

Shoulder to the Wheel – Saves the Day

Mid 20’s Skateboarder – Pkew Pkew Pkew

Breakfast of Champions – Rainer Maria

Brobocop – Girlfriends

If It’s Here When We Get Back It’s Ours – Texas is the Reason


Lying in the Sun – The Beths

Understanding in a Car Crash – Thursday

The Blue Channel – Taking Back Sunday

Topanga Lawrence – Charmer

We Could Become River Rats – Dikembe

Say Hello – Born Without Bones

Expert Eraser – Great Grandpa

Deep Sea – Snail Mail

Keep – Pity Sex

The Clearing -Weatherbox

Reality TV – Remember Sports

Sunny Day Renter’s Insurance – Kittyhawk

Mouthguard – Football, Etc.

Whole – Basement

Pining – Clique

I’ve Been Bored – Superheaven