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Jam of the Day: “Exterminio” | Muro

Neelan Bosnic

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Clocking in at 2 minutes, “Exterminio” is a bite-sized piece of hardcore punk, perfect for a burst of morning energy. Hailing from Bogota, Columbia, Muro is a punk group that’s part of the Rat Trap Collective. A small collection of bands from the area who put on multi-bill shows and record each other’s bands. They support one another in the spirit of DIY music around the globe. Muro’s music finally came stateside after their album “Ataque Hardcore Punk” was published by Beach Impediment records.

The song itself is bursting at the seams with power – an attack on the ears that doesn’t wear out its welcome. It’s easy to imagine the group performing the song to a wild crowd in the basement of some crowded building. The recordings are raw but extremely clear, with each member of the band being easily discernible on a first listen. “Extermino” is a punch in the face from a region  that isn’t well known for its punk scene. Muro have shown that it might be time we start paying a little more attention. If you end up liking the song, or simply want to check out more of what the band has to offer, their album is available for free on Bandcamp.

Photo by Christina Carlsen

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Ever since he received an iPod Nano for Christmas in 2009, Neelan has had a voracious appetite for music. From Crazy Frog to Can, his taste is eclectic and sometimes questionable. As a writer for Impact he wants to broaden readers' musical horizons and, hopefully, introduce someone to their new favorite song!

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Jam of the Day: “Exterminio” | Muro