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Throwback Thursday – “The Breeze” | Dr. Dog (2008)

Maggie Morgan

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Philly indie rock band Dr. Dog are no strangers to successful songs. After being around for a decade and a half, they have figured out how to create beautifully nostalgic songs that tug on the heartstrings of even the most cynical listeners. Dr. Dog’s music has a certain way of taking inspiration to 1960’s instrumental techniques and adding a gritty, lo-fi quality that is appealing to listeners. Their lyrics are also well thought out and provoke emotional responses. Their 2008 song “The Breeze” is one of their most nostalgic tunes and is a quintessential “tbt” jam.

The song opens with a folky guitar riff that and co-lead singer Scott McMicken’s voice. The beginning lyrics sing, “Are you moving much too fast? / And the good times that just don’t last / If you’re always on the go / make an angel in the snow / and freeze.” As the song progresses, more elements are added. Piano, percussion, and harmonizing vocals blend together to blank. Each new sound builds off of the last to turn an originally simple tune into a powerful ending.

Dr. Dog wrote, “The Breeze” with lyrics that call the listener to action and make them reflect on their lives with each line. The lyrics “Do you feel like you’re stuck in time? / Forever waiting on that line / If nothing ever moves / Put that needle to the groove” evoke a sense of restlessness and desire for adventure. The realization that things can change in an instant whether you want them to or not is clear. One moment your life is flying by you and the next you’re stuck. Dr. Dog labels this universal feeling as the breeze. While it’s clear that “the breeze will blow us all away”, it’s best to enjoy the ride.


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Maggie Morgan is the Senior Staff Editor for Impact 89fm. She is a Senior studying Professional Writing and Creative Writing with hopes of working in the music industry when she graduates. When she’s not working, she can be found updating her own music blog and spending too much money on concert tickets.

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Throwback Thursday – “The Breeze” | Dr. Dog (2008)