Somewhere in the Middle | Motherfolk


Claudia Kramer

Motherfolk is “the best band ever” according to its own members. The band started out in 2014 as a duo and grew into a larger project, having released several singles and two full-length albums to date. Motherfolk is currently on tour around the Midwest with one show in Ohio left this year. Tickets can be found here.

Their newly released single, “Somewhere in the Middle,” is the perfect song to fall in love with for finals week. Although it presents a narrative about a romance, at its heart it is an upbeat song about trying (and sometimes failing) to find your place but knowing that even if things aren’t perfect, they’ll be alright. Everyone who’s found themselves looking for balance can find encouragement in this song. The honesty and humanity of the lyrics are what makes the single distinctive.

A quick visit to the band’s website yields a tongue-in-cheek biography that you can’t help but smile at. Their Twitter feed illustrates the same humor — scrolling through, one is likely to find a video of the band riding a Lime scooter in a parking lot or a contest encouraging fans to come up with the best insult for the new single. In all forms of social media, they present a down-to-earth, honest image that carries through into their music and separates their sound from that of other folk-rock groups.