Eerie Ear Candy | The Impact’s Spookiest Halloween Tunes


Impact Content Team


My fears are really weird. Last night, I woke myself up with my own sleep talking. But I wasn’t just murmuring nonsense; I was wrapping up a conversation with an insurance broker. My premiums had gone up with my current company, so I was on the prowl for a new provider. “Well, thanks for being open to a dialogue! I’ll be in Tuesday at 2:00-ish.” Then I woke up in a cold sweat.  Maybe insurance really does scare me. Or maybe it’s just getting into the spirit of things, however unorthodox it is.

Either way, Happy Halloween! The time of year when everything — yes, even insurance — can terrify you. Ghosts and pumpkins line the yard fronts, guarding against the inevitable army of vampires, zombies, pop culture references and oversexualized career choices. And conquering the night yields the greatest treasure of all: candy. Or a very memorable hangover the next morning.

Whatever your plans are for the night of frights, you need to accompany them with a spooky playlist. Look no further! The Impact has your musical treats all wrapped and ready to be thrown into your Spotify cauldrons. Give our newest playlist, “Eerie Ear Candy,” a listen — if you dare!

Also, if you have any insurance advice, feel free to let me know.