Atlas: Seven | Sleeping At Last


Claudia Kramer

Sleeping At Last is a musical project which continues to evolve. They’ve done just about everything, from melancholy covers of upbeat songs to primarily instrumental original tracks. Though the group began as a collective effort in 2000, after releasing several albums together they split up and forerunner Ryan O’Neal took on the band’s name for his individual work. What followed has been a series of EP releases in an ever-changing project titled Atlas.

The latest theme for O’Neal’s project includes, quite literally, a song for everyone. His newest releases are each tailored to a different personality, based on the Enneagram test which categorizes people into one of nine distinct personality types.

This concept is unique but appreciated, as many of us pick music based on lyrics we find meaningful or impactful. O’Neal’s project allows every one of his listeners to find that magnitude of value and connection in their music by providing us with lyrics that speak so closely to who we are they seem to have been written for that purpose alone.

This newest release, titled “Atlas: Seven,” is an upbeat, subtle song. It begins with a simple guitar rhythm, before slipping into the chorus. Background percussion keeps the melody moving as the lyrics tell a story and bring us along on their journey. The song is incredibly introspective, like a window into someone’s journal. As it builds, the instrumental background becomes stronger and stronger, until finally taking over the song completely in its climax in sweeping tones that make the listener feel just a little bit smaller and in awe of possibility. It’s a song that speaks to the restless adventurer in each of us, to those of us who can’t help but be relentlessly optimistic.

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