Guiding Light | Mumford and Sons


Claudia Kramer

Folk-rock band Mumford and Sons have returned with a new single “Guiding Light,” ahead of their new album. The band’s last solo album was released in 2015, with a collaborative album out in 2016. This new installment “Delta,” out November 16, will be a long-awaited arrival for their fans. The single was announced on social media just a few days before its release and quickly gained popularity. For those looking to hear the band in person, tour dates will be announced on October 4.

In classic Mumford and Sons style, the song begins with upbeat strumming and builds from there. The band explores a techno vibe with this single, emphasizing synth elements throughout the song that give it an echoing, open, almost ethereal quality.

With a minimum of two background melodies at a time, there’s always something new to listen for in this song — until the bridge, where all the background suddenly drops out and we’re left to contemplate the airy emptiness of the lyrics before the song builds and explodes once more.

However, they don’t lose sight of their acoustic roots — the heart of the track lies in the background, where strains of guitar and piano chords can be heard behind the synth instruments. It’s these elements that truly ground the song and make it the wonderful blend of styles that it is. Overall, the song has a subtly explosive nature that lends itself to putting in headphones, turning up the volume, and blocking out the world.

Featured Image Credit: Andrea Sartorati