T69 collapse | Aphex Twin


Michael Orbain

Aphex Twin is back with another EP that hopped out of his own pocket of endless mixes. Aphex Twin is the alias of the English musician Richard D. James. He is widely acclaimed for his contributions to IDM, EDM and ambient music. Having been making music since 1985, Aphex Twin is a household name for anyone who shares an interest in electronic music. Aphex Twin has a knack for mysteriously and otherwise randomly releasing new music as has been the case with his previous few releases and is no different with his latest release: Collapse EP.

T69 Collapse is the first track of the EP which immediately bangs off with the Aphex Twin glitchiness that we all know and love. The bassline dances and staggers against the soft melody of the track and leaves you unsuccessfully trying to groove to everything at once. The track’s instrumentation gives the impression that the track is just a remix of Richard’s favorite Sega game-which is not necessarily a bad thing as the track comes off as melodic and elaborate. Aphex Twin fans can agree that this EP is a pleasant surprise, but leaves us wondering when the next album will surface. Unfortunately, knowing Richard we could expect anywhere from ten days to ten years, which is exactly what he wants. Until then, we can help ourselves to these EP’s that he appeases us with.