Pity Party | 9.26.18


Sarah Dropsey

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The Word Lisa – The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die

Pardon My Speech – Great Grandpa

Wes Dault Can’t Find the Madison Falcon – Hot Mulligan

I Just Want to Sell Out My Funeral – The Wonder Years

Stay Warm – Tiny Moving Parts

The D in Detroit – The Anniversary

Silver Screen – Active Bird Community

Screams in Caves – Polar Bear Club

Every Other Day – Weller

Sudden Death – Football, Etc.

Future Hell – Swearin’

Heaven – Charly Bliss

Never Saw It Coming – Tigers Jaw

I’ll See You At the Ring of Fire – Brave Bird

Weak – Save Face


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Charles Bernstein – Ratboys

December is the Longest Month – Chumped

Bathtub – The Front Bottoms

Carve – Petal

Two – Shortly

Kathy Bates Motel – Macseal

Such Confidence – Pianos Become the Teeth

the slope – Oso Oso

Friends We Met Online – Joyce Manor

Self Repair – All Get Out

Bad Catholics – The Menzingers

I Watch A Lot of Jackie Chan Movies – Dikembe

Trying Soda (I Know You so Well) – Worst Party Ever

Georgia On My Mind – Microwave

Turn You Blue/ Life on Mars! – Mover Shaker

My Yard – I Love Your Lifestyle

Tropical Jinx – Little Big League