The Undercurrent – 9/14/18 – S10E1 – Work


This week on the Undercurrent, host Cole Tunningley presents stories about work.

First, reporter Sophie Sagan interviews the new general manager of Impact 89 FM, Jeremy Whiting. Whiting has a long history at the station and is excited to be back. This is a chance to get to know the person who runs Impact, the adult in the room in a workplace populated by students.

Then, an interview with two activists from the Sunrise Movement. They came by our studio to talk about a federal jobs guarantee, a policy proposal that is seeing increasing support in Congress and among left-wing think tanks. It would ensure that every American who wants to work could find a job that pays well and offers benefits.

With school starting back up and assignments flooding in, it’s no coincidence that this week’s episode is all about work. Enjoy the season 10 premiere of Impact 89FM’s news and storytelling podcast.