Dandelions | Ruth B


Brendan McWilliams

Dandelions are known to be the most loved and hated of all weeds. They’re pretty, until found in your garden. They’re nearly impossible to get rid of, but always seem to be the first flowers to greet you in the spring.

Ruth B knows the best part about these wildflowers – making wishes. Everyone has picked a big, white, puffy dandelion bud and blown the seeds into the wind. Each time, you make a wish.

Dandelions” perfectly captures the beautiful simplicity of this childhood memory. The childlike simplicity is expressed through the use of simple rhymes and the steady repetition throughout. A perfect example of both is found in the second verse:

“When you’re looking at me, I’ve never felt so alive and free. When you’re looking at me, I’ve never felt so happy…”

The rest of the song follows suit, reminding you of the first time you wished for someone rather than something – a turning point for every child.

Ruth B makes a profession out of such childhood memories, as she’s the artist who created “Lost Boy,” pairing the story of Peter Pan with the loneliness of adolescence. The canadian singer started out on Vine, making six-second covers to her favorite songs. Fast-forward to last July, where her album Safe Haven was certified gold by Music Canada, then last September, as “Lost Boy” was certified quadruple platinum.

As childish as it seems, “Dandelions” serves as a reminder of all the sweetness a romance should have. In our world of drama and Tinder, don’t you miss having a crush? Someone who you’d pick a thousand dandelions for?