Telltale Signs | Sobs


Andrew Younker

Taking American indie fans by storm, Sobs hail from across the Pacific Ocean and are known for appearing on countless compilation tapes as well as highly respected tastemaker youtube channels. The three piece band’s discography consists of twinkly pop songs with a psychedelic edge, guided by front woman Celine Autumn’s clear-as-day vocals comfortably atop the clutter. Their first release as a trio was short, but showed incredible international promise for a band so young and fearless.

Their latest release marks the band’s’ first full-length album, with the description in their bandcamp: “This album is an ode to falling in and out of love, all in the heat of an endless summer.”

“Telltale Signs,” remains the only single released in support of the album by the same name, along with an impressively low-budget, high-charm video. The track opens with a bang, diving into a more aggressive synth progression than any of their previous work. As soon as the ear can catch the track’s misleading time signature, it breaks into the first verse, a moment of audial clarity. Autumn’s voice is regionless and sincere, musing about a summer’s love, past, present or future. The chorus takes the intensity back up a notch, and the lyrical content shifts towards confusion and genuine frustration in a fruitless relationship that may not have reached its potential. The cut ends the way it starts, throwing you down the rabbit hole of dreamy indie heaven. Telltale Signs is an encouraging debut for these talented youngsters, and we can’t wait to see what else they have in store.