Pity Party | 5.23.18


Sarah Dropsey

Equal parts new music and equal parts Bled Fest hype train. This year’s Bled Fest has performances from acts such as Joyce Manor, Basement, Mothers, and MORE! The event is on Saturday, May 26th at the Hartland Performing Arts Center in Howell and tickets are available at www.fusionshows.com

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Bagel Breathe – Horse Jumper of Love

Stutter – Yuck

Funeral Pyre – Julien Baker

Let’s Find an Out – Snail Mail

Somebody Else – The Front Bottoms

Medium in the Middle – The Sidekicks

Write It on Your Heart – Bad Bad Hats

The Words “Best Friend” Become Redefined – Chiodos

Set it Free – Now, Now

A Very Pretty Song for a Very Special Young Lady Part II – The Ergs!

Dad Jeans – worlds greatest dad

stumble – awakebutstillinbed

Geyser – Mitski

Favorable Report – Weller

Mother Makes Me Golden – Dear and the Headlights

Hum – Tigers Jaw

Factories – PUP


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Chumped – Joyce Manor

March – Basement

No Crying in Baseball – Mothers

Red Lights – Kississippi

Lewlyweds – Slingshot Dakota

Majesty – Looming

Bottom of the Barrel – Lung

Halloween 3.5 – Rozwell Kid

Girl Scout Cookies – Mom Jeans.

Art School – Remo Drive

Dary – Hot Mulligan

Second Death in the Rabbit Hole – Jetty Bones

Passion Fruit Tea – Retirement Party

Animal – You Rest, You Joy Life

On My Bed, In My Room – Bogues

Bow  – Greet Death

The Sun Was the Moon – Mover Shaker