Thee After Hourz 4/26/2018


Hell Spawn

Show Playlist

10 PM

Dark Angel – The Death Of Innocence

Dark Moor – A Truth For Me

Windhand – Orchard

Deafheaven – The Pecan Tree

Nile – Sacrifice Unto Sebek

Varathron – Tenebrous

Goat Worship – Blood Countess

Demilich – The Sixteenth Six-Tooth Son of Fourteen Four-Regional Dimensions

Blood Incantation – Hidden Species (Vitrification of Blood Pt. 2)

Artificial Brain – Synthesized Instinct

Cardiac Arrest – Immoral And Absurd

Obituary – Dying


11 PM

Pallbearer – Worlds Apart

Skeletonwitch – Strangled By Unseen Hands

Dust Bolt – Agent Thrash

The Sword – Freya

Speedclaw – Beast In the Mist

Power Trip – Executioner’s Tax (Swing Of The Axe)

Witch Casket – History Of Violence

Vahrzaw – The Traveller

Summon – Cult Of Abomination


12 AM

Totalselfhatred – Solitude MMXIII

Totalselfhatred – Cold Numbness

Totalselfhatred – Hallow

Totalselfhatred – Black Infinity

Totalselfhatred – Nyktophilia

Pact – Dark Templar

Bathory – Chariots of Fire

Black Anvil – On Forgotten Ways


1 AM

Sarcofago – Satanas

Shrine Of The Serpent – Desecrated Tomb

Domedag – Efter Elden

Katatonia – Distrust

Below – We Are All Slaves

Burst – City Cloaked

Isis – In Fiction

Long song of the week:

Altar Of Plagues – Through the Collapse IV – Gentian Truth

Upcoming Shows

Nile @ The Token Lounge on Thursday, May 3

Demilich, Blood Incantation, and Artificial Brain @ The Sanctuary on Monday, May 7

Obituary, Pallbearer, Skeletonwitch, and Dust Bolt @ The Majestic on Saturday, May 12

The Sword @St. Andrews Hall on Monday, May 14

Power Trip @ El Club on Tuesday, May 15


Hello listeners,

Thanks for listening to another week of Thee Hourz O’ Power! Lots of awesome shows coming up, make sure to check those out. Next week is Terrorsquid and Bacchus’ final show, so tune in to hear all their favorite music and send them off into the greater metal realm.


– Hell Spawn