Throwback Thursday — Midget | Devo (1974)


Michael Orbain

You can never truly experience fun until you’ve listened to Devo. Formed in Akron and Kent, Ohio, in 1973, this new wave-post-punk band is known for their wacky sound and blunt surrealist humor. Devo has released nine albums and is mostly known for their song “Whip It” which was their only track to reach the top 40 on the Billboard chart.

“Midget” burps to life with a sloppy bass riff coupled with a dissonant guitar. Gerald Casale’s vocals barrel through and compliment the grooviness of this track. The song progresses into a messy jam that boogies inside your ear. The cheeky lyrics are the cherry on top as they add to the fun and tongue-in-cheek mood of the track. “Midget” is a perfect example of why Devo should be known for being more than just a “one-hit wonder” group.