Happy if You’re Happy | Matt and Kim


Grace McKelvey

Matt and Kim are an indie-pop duo known for their upbeat, danceable bops and energetic stage presence. The fiery duo goes against the norm with Kim Schifino on the drums and Matt Johnson on the keyboard and vocals, as opposed to a man on the drums. They have performed at many large festivals across the US including Bonnaroo, Coachella and Firefly and most have described their performance with the same word – wild.

“Happy if You’re Happy” keeps things short, sweet and simple.  It’s a change of pace from Matt and Kim’s earlier energetic, dance-pop smash hits like “Daylight” and “Let’s Go.” The song begins with a series of A Capella “ahs” followed by some finger snaps, keeping you in anticipation for some sort of beat drop or introduction of other instruments that will never come. Matt and Kim teach a lesson in being sufficient with this little bop. Just as they sing about being sufficient with their partner, we as the audience will have to be content with the fact that the song never really picks up and just eventually fades out. All we can do is hum along to Matt’s light falsetto.