After Hourz 4/19/18


Hell Spawn

Show Playlist

10 PM

Black Sabbath – Sweet Leaf

Trinity Blast – Left Behind

Robespierre – Men of Violence

Speedclaw – Beast in the Mist

Archspire – Human Murmuration

Winds Of Plague – Battle Scars

Draghkar – Stealing the Keys to Nothingness

Morbid Angel – Where the Slime Live

Grave Upheaval – II-II

Summon – Howling Graves

Kamelot – The Haunting (Somewhere In Time)


11 PM

Unisonic – Find Shelter

Highland Glory – One Last Chance

Deafheaven – Honeycomb

Daethorn – Pervasive Corruption/Beyond the Shroud/Inevitable Demise

Adzalaan – False Cleansing

Transcendence – Mutilating Accursed Souls

Amebix – Winter

Harakiri For The Sky – Jhator

Unreqvited – The Autumn Fire

Brujeria – Marijuana


12 AM

Elder – Gemini

Elder – Dead Roots Stirring

Elder – III

Elder – The End

Elder – Knot


1 AM

Long song of the week:

Sleep – Dopesmoker


Top Ten Albums of the Week


  • Grave Upheaval- 2 (Nuclear War Now!)
  • Adzalaan- Into Vermillion Mirrors (Vrasubatlat)
  • Summon- Parazv Il Zilittv (Iron Bonehead)
  • Scarificare- Tilasm (Helldprod)
  • Speedclaw- Beast in the Mist (Shadow Kingdom)
  • Daethorn/Ordeals split- Ordeals / Daethorn split (Blood Harvest)
  • Robespierre- Garden Of Hell (Shadow Kingdom)
  • Transcendence- Hour of the Summoning (EP) (Blood Harvest)
  • Trinity Blast- Left Behind
  • Draghkar- Split (Blood Harvest)



Greetings listeners,

Hope everyone out there is having a good week! We certainly had an excellent week at Thee Hourz O’ Power (except for that weird hiccup with Brujeria, who knows how that happened). The Thrashback feature threw it back to Elder’s stoner masterpiece¬†Dead Roots Stirring. Elder’s best record in my opinion,¬†Dead Roots¬†is front to back riffage upon riffage. Uplifting stoner metal that you can’t help but bob your head and rock out to. A REALLY long song of the week as well, Dopesmoker by Sleep. Drop out of life with bong in hand metalheads…

See you next week,

– Hell Spawn