Softens | Wet


Grace McKelvey

Brooklyn indie-pop band Wet is back at it again with their second single of 2018 from their upcoming sophomore album. The trio, consisting of Kelly Zutrau, Joe Valle, and Marty Sulkow, dabbles in dream and synth pop. Kelly’s soft voice combined with Marty on the guitar and Joe on production is Wet’s original recipe for the sweet, sweet ear candy they keep dishing out.

“Softens,” which was released April 13, keeps consistent with Wet’s poetic lyrics of songs from Don’t You. Telling tales of loves we have lost and the darkness of the world, lead singer Kelly Zutrau’s airy, delicate voice continuously chants “where beauty softens grief.” She shared in a press release that she heard the phrase while listening to the news and later learned it was the slogan for a funeral home, which explains the next line “you’ll go so low you’re beneath the ground.” The song begins simple, her voice shining through above piano, tambourine, and subtle backbeat. Eventually, the track builds to combat the power of the simple phrase uttered throughout the song until they are in perfect, emotional, possibly tear-jerking harmony.

Be on the lookout for Wet’s upcoming album and headlining tour coming soon.