The Undercurrent – 04/17/2018 – S08E08 – Title IX


This week on The Undercurrent, host Cole Tunningley teams up with reporters, Sami Luke and Max Johnston, to explore how Title IX fits into the recent scandals involving sexual violence at Michigan State University.

Reporter Max Johnston investigates the story of one student who filed a Title IX complaint after her teaching assistant began to stalk her.

Reporter Sami Luke shows how Title IX played a role in the case of Larry Nassar, through interviews with, among others, the only woman to file a Title IX complaint against him.

And throughout the episode, Cole Tunningley presents audio gathered from a cathartic Board of Trustees meeting on April 13th.

MSU is a rotting institution, with an administration full of enablers, apologists, and predators. The time has come to look deeply at these issues, their causes, and the people who are working tirelessly to prevent any sort of forward progress. The Undercurrent expresses solidarity with all survivors of sexual violence and anyone else who has been forced to face the violence of unfeeling institutions, rigged systems, and unjust hierarchies.