Thee After Hourz 4/5/18


Hell Spawn

Show Playlist

10 PM

Cannibal Corpse – Hammer Smashed Face

Enforcer – High Roller

Savatage – Follow Me

Death Angel – The Moth

Metallica – Seek And Destroy

Between The Buried And Me – Mordecai

Ex Mortus – Speed Of The Strike

Death – Evil Dead

Rings Of Saturn – Inadequate

Cradle Of Filth – Haunted Shores

Abigail Williams – Floods

Power Trip – Crucifixation

Archspire – Remote Tumour Seeker


11 PM

Artificial Brain – Floating In Delirium

Kalmah – Into The Black Marsh

Morbid Angel – Summoning Redemption

Incantation – Rotting Spiritual Embodiment

Obituary – Circle of the Tyrants (Celtic Frost cover)

Edguy – Golden Dawn

Gamma Ray – Wings Of Destiny

Ancient Bards – Four Magic Elements

Of Feather And Bone – Throne Of The Serpent

Spectral Voice – Katabatic Depths

The Grotesquery – As Death Dies


12 AM

The Negative Bias – The Temple of Cruel Empathy

Golden Dawn – Lunar Serpent

Crisix – Xenomorph Blood

Crisix – Prince Of Saiyans

Crisix – Leave Your God Behind

Crisix – The North Remembers

Eagle Twin – Heavy Hoof


1 AM

Eibon – Staring At The Abyss

Virgin Black – Museum Of Iscariot

Alda – In The Wake Of An Iron Wind

Kosmogyr – Eviternity

Primordial – Upon Our Spiritual Deathbed

Long song of the week:

Bell Witch – Rows (Of Endless Waves)



Between The Buried And Me @ The Emerald Theater on 4/7

Cradle Of Filth @ St. Andrews on 4/12

Carnifex, Archspire, Winds Of Plague @ The Crofoot on 4/24

Morbid Angel, Misery Index @ The Intersection on 4/25


Hello metal people out there in this worldly abyss,

Thanks for tuning in once again to Thee Hourz O’ Power! Lots of requests this week which we are ever grateful for and always enjoy. It was a double feature this week, The new Golden Dawn/Negative Bias split and the clean half of the new Crisix record, respectively. Check out the full Crisix record here. Lots of cool shows coming up, hope to see you guys at Cradle of Filth next Thursday and Morbid Angel on the 25th.  Terrorsquid and I had the show to oureslves today and we each generously granted ourselves a section to play our favorite genres, so we hope you enjoyed the old school death metal block from me and power metal section from Terrorsquid. I’m super impressed with this new 7″ from Spectral Voice and Vastum. We played Spectral’s half of the record, Katabatic Depths, on the show. Those two bands just keep getting better, so go check out Vastum’s side of that record, entitled Gagging on a Gash, at the Dark Descent records bandcamp here. Once again, thanks for listening, and set your dials for our show again next week, where we will proceed to hopefully melt your collective faces off.

– Hell Spawn