Scary Love | The Neighbourhood


Meg Tupper

The Neighbourhood is a California-based alternative band that often pushes the boundaries of the genre their music fits in. Their sound is often described as sinister and moody but somehow they are still able to fit into the R&B, indie, and pop genres. This is often due to the catchy “sing along to in your car ” vibe they present in most of their choruses. They are a band that is not shy about experimenting with different genres and creating a new feeling in every work they release. Their freshman album, I Love You., is very dark and eerie both thematically and sonically. On their second album, Wiped Out!, the overall sound leans more towards pop but doesn’t lack the same underlying edge that they are so well known for. This left fans and critics wondering what direction The Neighbourhood would take on their next album.

“Scary Love” was the first single released off of The Neighbourhood’s’ self-titled third studio album. This song and the album overall feel like the most accessible out of The Neighbourhood’s’ discography. It seems they have finally found the perfect pair of rhythmic lyrics and echoing synths on this song.  “Scary Love” paints a painfully gorgeous black- and- white vintage image of love. Lead vocalist Jesse Rutherford confesses that the emotions he is feeling are so beautiful and new that he feels nervous about what would happen if he lost his lover. The Neighbourhood depicts the all too relatable feeling of vulnerability over a droning, melodic beat that by the end of the song you have no choice but to hum along with it.

For those of you that clicked for the thumbnail, that’s exactly who you think it is standing next to Rutherford. Tommy Wiseau is in this music video. If you weren’t convinced to give it a watch already, you should be now.