Mac’s Bar Hit with 500 Copyright Violations after Juggalo Show


Andrew Younker

What do you get when you put together a Valentine’s Day Juggalo show, lone access to a WPA encrypted Wi-Fi service, and an insatiable hankering for Three 6 Mafia’s entire discography? In most cases, a satisfied hip-hop fan and a nice relaxing evening. In this case, Lansing’s beloved Mac’s Bar got hit with 500 DMCA copyright violation letters dropped on their desk from a less-than-pleased internet provider.

Read the tweet in question from Mac’s Bar talent buyer and Menzingers tour manager, Scotty Bell.

Most midwesterners know and accept the cultural phenomenon of the “Juggalo,” Insane Clown Posse mega-fans with the unquenchable desire for Faygo brand soda-pop and mall-horror wardrobes that would make your grandmother faint, so it’s no surprise Mac’s Bar threw a horrorcore Valentine’s Day hip-hop party to participate in the absurdity. In Bell’s interview with Noisey, he mentions someone must have gotten the Wi-Fi password from the bartender to steal such an absurd amount of music, chronicling over 30 years of Three 6 Mafia output. He capped off the interview by stating they did, in fact, change the Wi-Fi password and were planning to frame the “Slob on My Knob” DMCA notice when they get a chance. Final word to the wise (and the Juggalos), don’t steal music, especially not from one of Lansing’s best DIY venues, even if it is the most legendary southern rap groups entire catalog of music. We warned you!