Saturdays | Twin Shadow feat. HAIM


Autumn Miller

George Lewis Jr., more commonly known by his stage name, Twin Shadow, is back in the spotlight after the release of his album, Eclipse, in 2015. Having his greatest claim to fame from his song “To the Top,” featured in the movie Paper Towns, the Dominican-American singer-songwriter, actor and record producer has a decent setup for his upcoming album, Caer, from a publicity standpoint. Pair exposure from a blockbuster teenage movie with a feature from one of the best girl gangs of the past five years, HAIM, and you have the perfect recipe for a single teeming with radio playability.

“Saturdays,” released on February 22, is a hailing salute to the weekend, where everything is electric and responsibilities fade away. Coated in jumpy, sugary-pop synths that face off with the rock-and-roll grit of an electric guitar, it’s hard to be convinced that this song was available to stream only a few weeks ago. Twin Shadow even realizes this, belting “When you lift up your head / it’s like nothing’s real.” The magic of the ‘80s looms through the track, and is highlighted at the end of the track when the music industry’s favorite sisters add some feminine flair, emphasizing the steaminess of the Saturdays that turned into Sundays, singing “If it’s my face you remembered / From all the Sundays in the summer / Then you’d know there was so much more than a spark.” Nostalgia and the urge to simply dance hit hard by the end of this three-and-a-half-minute track, partially thanks to HAIM.

Twin Shadow’s fourth studio album, Caer, is slated to drop on April 27. In the meantime, you can listen to “Saturdays” (feat. HAIM), along with his other new single, “Little Woman,” on Spotify below.

“Saturdays” feat. HAIM

“Little Woman”