Sober to Death | Car Seat Headrest


Photo by Jonah Rosenberg

Casey Halas

Twin Fantasy can only be described as the album you put on repeat for a whole month because it encapsulates every little thing you are feeling. Car Seat Headrest mastermind Will Toledo first recorded this record as an LP back in 2011 where it was only available through music streaming apps like Spotify and Bandcamp. The album has since been reproduced to have a more stripped and raw sound, highlighting the acoustics of Toledo’s voice as well as the clear-cut sounds of the instruments behind the vocals. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Toledo was said to have made the album with an “emotional arc.” However, through a good ‘ole Twitter rant, Toledo denied ever saying such a thing and emphasized that “I don’t want to talk about the personal aspects of this album.” Toledo’s inspiration for this album may not be so cut and dry to the listener, but based on the the lyrics from the band’s past albums like, Teens of Style (2015) and Teens of Denial (2016), themes of lost love, growing up, and waiting for something new can be highlighted throughout it.

Toledo sings, “We have breakdowns, and sometimes we don’t have breakdowns” after the main chorus of “Sober to Death.” A quote I’m sure every college student can relate to.  This hauntingly melodic piece is not only beautiful in its instrumentals, it is also profound in its message that sometimes we need to rely on others to get by.  After all, “We were wrecks before we crashed into each other.”